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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 19:14

ire_2014-small.jpgThe joyful noises of the long-awaited youth IRepublic camp are over. The republic is empty again. Its "people" got on the bus and went home taking with them t-shirts, cups, photos, a little tiredness, and many positive emotions.
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IRepublic People — the name of the Camp this time. Although there were not too many people this year, still I’d like to pay special attention to them. People, their work and perseverance, their gifts and talents, their positive attitude, smiles and desire to make this world a better place. Yes, it was not without issues, there were difficulties, but we got through. We made it! We have built our republic together!

It was an amazing time! Nine days of intense life in IRepublic flew by so fast that I could not keep track of everything. Excitement and tension of team games; sweet taste of victory — and of Kherson watermelons; the joy of fellowship and crackling of a campfire. Music, dancing, sports, courage, art, the sea, the sun, the beach — as if everything happened mixed into one long lasting yesterday.

I would like to express deep gratitude to everyone who prepared the evening program: the entertainers, the musicians, the photographers, the cameramen, the editors, the technicians, the team leaders and the discussion group leaders, the preachers, the translators, and, of course, our God! What would be possible of all the mentioned without His will, His power and His protection? In addition this year together with Rev. Roland Syens we made a wonderful journey through the history of biblical characters, and everyone could take many valuable and practical lessons.

ire-2014-iliya-yampolskiy.pngAs for my impressions and conclusions, this year’s IRepublic became my big revelation and a good shakeup. Many things had to be considered from another point of view. Many priorities and values had to be re-estimated and I had to learn to appreciate even more those who are near me. In particular, I took a new look at the phrase "You can do more than you think." And indeed it is true! All of our defeat, not reached heights and postponing "indefinitely" mostly are caused not by the lack of strength or resources, but the lack of motivation, lack of desire, and in fact the lack of understanding and answers to questions "Why" and "What for." Yes, God has limitless riches of resources and energy. Yes, God has all the answers. But you have to make an effort to find them. And yes, you can do more than you think!

Ilya Yampolsky


ire-2014-alena-iotko.jpgWe are all different. Someone is light, someone is dark, someone is tall, and someone has to reach up to hug a friend. Someone likes jazz, some like dubstep, someone likes red color and some like blue, someone speaks Russian, and someone English. We are all different. So what if we are different? These differences don`t stop us from getting together and having a good time in IRepublic People Camp. By the way, even if someone could not stay the whole time of the camp, it didn`t prevent them from enjoying every moment in the "republic." Rich and varied program, new ideas of the camp organizational team, good food, great time, good people around, feeling the presence of God every second — all of these is an unforgettable experience. I was just admired by mega-creative ideas — costumes, videos, photos, t-shirts, banners, music. It is a pity that you can’t live in IRepublic the whole year, just August! I hope the Lord will prolong our days on earth, and IRepublic-2015 will happen. Thanks to everyone who in this difficult time for our country made an effort to create an enjoyable time for us. Thanks to Pastor Roland for his preaching. God has placed a lot in my heart. Thanks to Svyatoslav and Alexey for their leadership, thanks to Anna Rubel, Lida Guzanova, Katya Bovshik, the whole team preparing the camp, Zhenya Lyaskovsky, AndreyRubel, Igor Solodenko, Pasha Omelchenko and all the musicians, Julia Gaidaiand and her team, all the leaders of discussion groups, all the children, those who worked with the technical part of the camp (equipment, projector), the entertainers, thanks to designers, to those who were engaged with Coffee houses, thanks to photographers, thanks to Vanya Lyashenko for his creativity. Without all of you this camp would not have been so memorable. Thanks!

Alyona Iotko


ire-2014-tanya-muntyan.pngGoing wild with emotions, daily splash of energy and joy, funny unusual activity in the hot sun by the warm sea, creative evening programs, sports, music, talents — can you fit it all in one word?! Yes! This is IRepublic!

With the greatest impatience we were waiting for a new season of leisure time with Alpha and Omega. No kind of travel can beat these great days full of inspiration, fellowship with outstanding people, edification with preaching by Roland Syens, and discovering something new in me. Each day in IRepublic People 2014 was devoted to a single country. Thus we visited Ancient Greece, Japan — the country of the future, bright America, romantic France, hot Italy and, of course, beloved Ukraine. Every resident of our republic could realize their most cherished dream — travel back in time, become a YouTube star, see dolphins ^_^ and even get an Oscar Award!

The energy received is enough for exactly one year! I checked! So, see you in the next IRepublic, friends! ;)

Tanya Muntyan


ire-2014-khomy.jpgHello everyone!

This year, for the first time my husband and I went to IRepublic, thanks to our friends` advice ;) And we did not in the least regret it! This camp scores 5 out of 5! We had rest, fun, met many new people, hung out with friends and had a great time! Most of all we liked relaxing at the sea along with our dearest and close friends, and a pleasant atmosphere filled with the presence of God and His Word.

I am grateful to all the organizers for their hard work and service! Also for the improvement of the program year by year (as our friends told us)!

We love and value you!

May the Lord be with you!

Yours, Khomas :)


ire-2014-olya-savran.pngSpecial thanks to all those who organized this wonderful camp, those who actively participated in it. You served me and the other guys very much. You gave us your precious time — a great thank you for that. A special day for me was when we prayed for each other, for Ukraine and for peace in our country. I believe God has heard us and will certainly answer. I visited this camp for the second time. It gives me new friends and this is a very important gain for me. So if someone thinks he has few friends — welcome to IRepublic.

Olga Savran


ire-2014-natali-velikaya.pngA week later and I am still in high spirits after the camp! For me it was good rest for the body and the soul.

I really love spending time actively, and thankfully I had lots of opportunities. Every day we had a new program and lots of various activities, like drawing, ping pong, soccer, volleyball, chess, master classes on decoupage, soap making, Rubik's cube, etc. We could participate in a quest, get an Oscar for a movie trailer just filmed, compete in a talent show, and lots of other contests. I wanted to make it to all of these!

I also had time to get to know a lot of new people, listen to sermons and analyze them, discuss interesting topics and situation in the discussion groups, and just spend a great time! I wish we could extend it for at least another week. It was cool!

Natalia Velikaya


ire-2014-marina-nadelina.pngThis year I managed to go to IRepublic again.

I expected to make new friendships, discussions, and the Word of God. I was wondering what would the sermons be about. My first joy was the warm sea and almost complete absence of jellyfish.

We divided into teams, we were able to get involved in the camp more, each in his own way, and it was interesting to compete :)

Each day had its own theme, that`s why all days were different from each other. We had interesting games on the beach, tournaments, quests, coffee house, and master classes. The preaching was interesting, deep and instructive. Thanks to Roland Syens! Thanks to each organizer very much and to those who were able to make this camp so unforgettably amazing :)

I had a lot to learn at the camp. I think it was one of my expectations as well. An ocean of good memories, communion in a pleasant company, and a wonderful mood :)

Marina Nadielina


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